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Archived Older Links: Social Media


The ROI of Knowing Your Social ROI (Oct 2016)

20% of Facebookers Watching Live Video (Oct 2016)

Social selling: What it is, and what it definitely isn’t (Oct 2016)

3 Surprising Lessons for Marketers from the Future of Social (Oct 2016)

How to Prioritize Your Social Media To-Do List (Oct 2016)

How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories to Impact the Buyer’s Journey (Oct 2016)

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready? (Oct 2016)

How to Add Instagram Zoom to Your Social Strategy (Oct 2016)

Twitter’s new relaxed character count limits have finally arrived (Sept 2016)

UAE’s social media users even love the ads (Sept 2016)

Twitter update shows how fast companies respond to your complaints (Sept 2016)

Instagram Is Finally Letting Users Zoom In on Photos and Videos (Sept 2016)

Facebook Updates Messenger For Seamless Advertiser Experience (Sept 2016)

Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be More Than Social Media (Sept 2016)

Facebook is testing a new feature to encourage conversations (Sept 2016)

Facebook Is Driving Advertisers to Decrease Load Times for Mobile Websites (Sept 2016)

3 Simple ways to measure Social Media marketing success (Sept 2016)

Brands Will Now Know How Many People Bought Products After Seeing LinkedIn Ads (Sept 2016)

Snapchat Will Hit Nearly $1 Billion in Ad Revenue by the End of 2017 (Sept 2016)

Snapchat Is Reportedly on Pace to Reach 217 Million Users by the End of 2017 (Aug 2016)

Take advantage of Facebook’s new Vertical Video format (Aug 2016)

YouTube to launch social networking features you’ve always wanted (Aug 2016)

Facebook’s Vertical Videos Are About to Appear in Your Mobile News Feed (Aug 2016)

Snapchat plans to use Behaviour to target you (Aug 2016)

Residents in Saudi Arabia spend almost a quarter of their day on social media (Aug 2016)

Facebook Is Taking a Different Approach With Its New App for Teens (Aug 2016)

Publishers turn to video to offset organic reach drop on Facebook (Aug 2016)

Facebook is changing News Feed to make stories ‘more personally informative’ (Aug 2016)

Instagram Adds a ‘Stories’ Feature Just Like Snapchat’s (Aug 2016)

Unleashing Earned Content for modern success (July 2016)

Three reasons why you should localize social media posts (Jul 2016)

Twitter targets smaller businesses with launch of Dashboard (June 2016)

6 Key Essential Focus Areas in Social Media Strategy (Jun 2016)

Facebook Redesigns ‘Like’ Button, Rolls Out Save, Share Extensions (June 2016)

3 secrets to success on social media according to Gary Vaynerchuk (June 2016)

3 Tools to Create Social Media Visuals (June 2016)

Snapchat video ads outperform other social media platforms (Jun 2016)

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs (Jun 2016)

Seven ways social media is shaping the beauty industry (Jun 2016)

A Visit to American Airlines’ Social Media Hub: #prettyamazing (Jun 2016)

Twitter ditches its Buy button, puts focus on retargeting (Jun 2016)

Power up your Twitter content in these easy ways (Jun 2016)

Setting Social Media Goals and Tracking Success Made Simple (Jun 2016)

How to Engage your Audience with the Visual Power of Instagram (Jun 2016)

How to use Facebook Live video like a pro. The essentials of getting it right. (Jun 2016)

Power tips on how to get on Snapchat for brands (Jun 2016)

Millennials, Gen-Z Alienated by Ads in Social News Feeds (May 2016)

Half Lives. Social Media. And Snapchat Stories. (May 2016)

The 11 things you should delete from your Facebook page now (May 2016)

Power up your Twitter content in these easy ways (May 2016)

How to Engage your Audience with the Visual Power of Instagram (May 2016)

What Snapchat Has Shown Brands and Publishers About Vertical Video (May 2016)

Four delicious examples of food & drink brands on Instagram (May 2016)

Facebook drives more traffic to articles, Twitter users spend more time reading them (May 2016)

Twitter Adds ‘Connect’ Tab to Attract More Users (May 2016)

Twitter is not a social platform: Now a News App (May 2016)

Influencer Marketing: It’s all about the audience (Apr 2016)

Reminder: 11 simple dos and don’t of using social for your business (Apr 2016)

How Facebook Will Change Events For Good (April 2016)

Instagram now has ‘featured’ video channels (Apr 2016)

Native ads from publishers are coming to the Facebook News Feed (Apr 2016)

This Is the Most Important Social Media Platform, According to Generation Z (April 2014)

12 best branded Instagram videos from March 2016 (April 2016)

Facebook beefs up live video to compete (April 2016)

11 simple ways for brands to build better following on social media (Apr 2016)

Why Facebook’s live streaming update is a game changer for small business (Apr 2016)

Choosing the right social media channels for your brand (Apr 2016)

Instagram’s new video limit is now 60 seconds. How can brands benefit? (Apr 2016)

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s livestreaming push (March 2016)

Second-Screen Searches: Crucial I-Want-to-Know Moments for Brands (March 2016) (Google)

Regional advertisers go big on social media (March 2016)

Key stats from Facebook’s State of Connectivity report (March 2016)

6 ways to get content marketing done right (March 2016)

Twitter adds video support in direct messages (March 2016)

The Importance of Social Media to SEO (March 2016)

3 Ways Facebook’s Trending Topics Has Altered Social Media (March 2016)

Struggling to keep up with social media trends? (March 2016)

5 rules for adapting your company to the age of group-storytelling (Mar 2016)

Snapchat rivals Facebook with 8 billion video views on its app every day (March 2016)

Facebook to open up Instant Articles: What publishers need to know (Feb 2016)

Facebook rolls out Reactions, an extension to the Like button (Feb 2016)

Private messaging is social’s next big ad frontier (Feb 2016)

New Tool Helps You Avoid Gaps in Social Media Engagement in 5 Minutes (Feb 2016)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says its time for video, so forget text and photos (Feb 2016)

Is it worth jumping on a new social media bandwagon? (Feb 2016)

Hiring For Your Social Media Team: Some Tips (Feb 2016)

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#Twitter10K, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Native Social Content (Feb 2016)

How to Measure ROI from Social Media (Feb 2016)

Instagram Will Finally Let Users Switch Among Multiple Accounts (Feb 2016)

Facebook Will Start Automatically Captioning Video Ads (Feb 2016)

11 Photo Post Ideas That Your Business Should Use Today (Feb 2016)

Twitter timeline change will kill what makes it fun (Feb 2016)

7 worthwhile ways to automate social media (Feb 2016)

Customer service best practices: Making social media a two-way conversation (Feb 2016)

Facebook expands its’ Facebook Audience Network (FAN) to mobile web  (Jan 2016)

Twitter Opens ‘Flight School’ To All Users (Jan 2016)

Twitter Conversational Ads (Jan 2016)

Instagram introduces Spotlight Compilations (Jan 2016)

Facebook launched Canvas (Jan 2016)

Instagram drops in organic reach (Jan 2016)

Nielsen Wants to Watch You Talk to Your Facebook Friends About What You Watch on TV (Jan 2016)

8 Steps to Increase Your Social Media Engagement (Jan 2016)

Three YouTube influencers give their views on brand partnerships (Jan 2016)

How to get the most out of user-generated content (Jan 2016)

Debunking four popular myths about influencer marketing (Dec 2015)

Three trends in online consumer behaviour, according to Facebook (Dec 2015)

How to achieve the right tone of voice for your brand (Dec 2015)

Do new features make Facebook a viable customer service platform? (Dec 2015)

How to create simple brand tone-of-voice guidelines for Twitter (Nov 2015)

Four ways social data can be an extremely powerful ally (Nov 2015)

YouTube strategy: Tips for building an audience & working with vloggers (Nov 2015)

12 best branded Instagram videos from October 2015 (Nov 2015)

What Twitter’s new Like button means for marketers (Nov 2015)

The seven deadly brand sins that can create a social media storm (Nov 2015)

Social monitoring & listening: What is it and do you need it? (Nov 2015)

What Facebook’s major search update means for marketers (Nov 2015)

Five ways to identify potential brand champions (Nov 2015)

10 Facebook, Google and Twitter updates you might have missed this week (Oct 2015)

How to measure Social Media success (Oct 2015)

7 Ways to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media (Oct 2015)

How to Use Google Analytics Behavior Reports to Optimize Your Content (Oct 2015)

How to do a social media audit (Oct 2015)

Learn 7 Latest Social Media Updates You Should Know (Oct 2015)

Revamped Facebook Profile Page Features Video Profile “Pics” (Oct 2015)

How Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ feature is ‘Trending’ done right (Oct 2015)

How to Improve Your Facebook Ads With Customer Reviews (Oct 2015)

A social media guru’s daily, weekly and monthly checklist (Oct 2015)

Social media and crisis management: a Volkswagen case study (Oct 2015)

Nescafé declares the brand website ‘dead’ as it moves to Tumblr (Sept 2015)

How the visual evolution of social media has affected brands (Sept 2015)

How to create and manage brand advocates (Sept 2015)

Is Instagram Direct a Threat to Snapchat? (Infographic) (Sept 2015)

Facebook is turning Pages into an online mall (Sept 2015)

The 2015 State of Social Marketing Report (Sept 2015)

Five seriously creative Snapchat campaigns and their results (Sept 2015)

Why Pinterest should be part of your marketing strategy (Sept 2015)

Facebook is trying to make Twitter obsolete (Aug 2015)

10 Skills That a Good Social Media Manager Needs to Master (Aug 2015)

5 terrible social media mistakes you are making (Aug 2015)

7 Social Media Platforms That Could Explode Before 2016 (Aug 2015)

Five international social media myths debunked (Aug 2015)

Snapchat Persuades Brands to Go Vertical With Their Video (July 2015)

How to Write Better Content for Social Media (July 2015)

Five things to do when approaching influencers (July 2015)

How brands are using Instagram ads (July2015)

Facebook reportedly testing a human-powered digital assistant named Moneypenny (July 2015)

The best social media campaigns of 2015 (so far) (July 2015)

Saudis weigh social media use in Ramadan (July 2015)

A New User’s Guide to understanding Snapchat (July 2015)

Instagram to offer better ad targeting and call to action options (June 2015)

Why You Need Both a Proactive and Reactive Social Media Strategy (June 2015)

Twitter removes 140-character limit for Direct Messages (June 2015)

Facebook now considers time spent looking at a Post (June 2015)

5 Ways to Track Your Content on Social (June 2015)

How to Create Social Media Posts That People Will Actually Read, Like, and Share (June 2015)

Buffer Optimal Scheduling Tool helps you find the best time to post on social media (June 2015)

8 Tools To Boost Your Social Media Performance (June 2015)

With Buyable Pins, Pinterest lets you buy stuff right in the app (June 2015)

Pinterest doubles down on making money, rolls out video ads (June 2015)

Here’s what Facebook Instant Articles will mean for brands and publishers (June 2015)

2015 Social marketing trends report (June 2015)

How to Use Facebook Advanced Location Targeting for More Engagement (May 2015)

Google lets you look for tweets in mobile searches (May 2015)

Things you should not be doing on Facebook in UAE to avoid trouble with the law (May 2015)

Eight Reasons All Brands Should Be On Instagram (May 2015)

Facebook Likes don’t go as far as they used to in News Feed update (April 2015) 

Alert for Social Teams

14 ways to dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign (April 2015)

What is Hero, Hub and Hygiene as YouTube content strategy (April 2015)

Five underrated Twitter metrics you should be using (April 2015)

Cinemagraphs : Here Is the Captivating Ad Format Facebook Hopes Will Wow Its Users (April 2015)

This Ad Campaign Starts With Cool Cinemagraphs on Instagram, Then Follows Up on Facebook (April 2015)

Mountain Dew Turns Tweets Into Online Ads (April 2015)

4 Ways to Measure Tweets Beyond Engagement (April 2015)

Ikea Is Replying to Questions on Facebook With Comical, Pun-Filled Memes (April 2015)

Pinterest launches new ‘Pin It’ button for faster bookmarking (April 2015)

YouTube megastar Michelle Phan launches new lifestyle network (April 2015)

Twitter just launched Curator, a free tool for media outlets. (April 2015)

Why HR is still struggling with social media (April 2015)

Build Better Facebook Videos by UsingInsights Data (April 2015)

5 Problems with How Marketers Use Social Analytics (April 2015)

Brands flock to Periscope, Twitter’s new app for broadcasting videos (March 2015)

Instagram’s new collage app ‘Layout’ already a hit (March 2015)

Why People Unfollow Brands on Social Media (March 2015)

Study: Video Posts Are the Key to Doubling Your Organic Reach on Facebook (March 2015)

Instagram launches ‘carousel ads’ to push business advertising (March 2015)

How Facebook Targets Ads Globally Based on Users’ Phones (March 2015)

3 Tips for Coming Out on Top in the Era of Social Video  (March 2015)

Facebook Says it Only Sells Viewable Ads (Feb 2015)

Facebook allowing businesses to micro-target product ads (Feb 2015)

JCPenney’s 4 Cent Video Ads on Twitter Could Threaten YouTube’s Longtime Dominance (Feb 2015)

Five tips for picking the right social analytics tool (Feb 2015)