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3 viewer behaviors we saw play out on YouTube in 2018 (Dec 2018)

The future of visual search: smart glasses, AR and retail opportunity (Dec 2018)

Is TripAdvisor’s new social app the future of travel?  (Dec 2018)

Did the data-driven era miss an exit? (Dec 2018)

How ‘Near Me’ helps us find what we need, not just where to go (Dec 2018)

Pursuing authenticity: Why podcasts are the next big influencer platform (Dec 2018)

Data privacy: Will the industry emerge stronger following the Facebook fallout? (Dec 2018)

Five examples of brands using vertical video (Dec 2018)

 How healthcare is being transformed by online self-management, startups & digitally savvy HCPs  (Dec 2018)

How video marketing changed in 2018 — and what that means for your 2019 plans (Dec 2018)

How brands can lean into the right moments in 2019 – Google (Dec 2018)

How to get the dreaded pop-up right (& capture precious customer data) (Dec 2018)

Bring order to chaos: Wrangling data for actionable insights (Dec 2018)

Back to basics: Measuring your social media efforts with unique acquisition channels (Dec 2018)

Is it time to graduate to Google Analytics 360? (Dec 2018)

Use predictive personalization to drive increased conversion rates (Dec 2018)

Aligning sales, marketing, and service: From funnel to flywheel  (Dec 2018)

When it comes to campaign design and measurement, many sizes fit all (Dec 2018)

To drive sales, retailers are changing their brick-and-mortar strategies (Nov 2018)

WhatsApp ads are coming: Will advertisers start buying? (Nov 2018)

Google lets users delete search data & control ad settings from Google Search page (Nov 2018)

IAB: Digital ad revenues could exceed $100 billion for first time in 2018 (Nov 2018)

10 examples of great fashion marketing (Nov 2018)

6-second ads deliver big mobile viewership, but little emotional punch, study says (Nov 2018)

The future of paid voice search: How voice could be monetised (Nov 2018)

GSK Consumer Healthcare: A digital transformation case study (Oct 2018)

Emotional marketing matters… more than you think (Oct 2018)

What are dynamic landing pages and why should you use them? (Oct 2018)

What marketers should consider when using customer lifetime value (CLV) (Oct 2018)

How Barclaycard Business re-skilled its digital content managers to drive performance (Oct 2018)

What is a good ecommerce conversion rate? (Oct 2018)

The four Cs of conversational interface CX (Oct 2018)

Hotels: How data & tech are changing the customer insights role (Oct 2018)

How I became a… UX expert (Oct 2018)

What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and why do you need one? (Oct 2018)

Focus, integration & bias: Challenges for marketers creating chatbots (Oct 2018)

Why luxury brands need digital transformation (Oct 2018)

Can marketers ‘prove’ ROI? It depends on who’s asking (Oct 2018)

Consumers are always shopping and eager for your help (Sep 2018)

Understanding Gen Z through the lens of YouTube (Sep 2018)

How to measure the ROI of influencer marketing by placing it within the context of paid media (Sep 2018)

Why video creators need to keep it real with their audiences (Sep 2018)

With a few tweaks, you can use the same ad on multiple platforms. Clinique shows how it’s done (Sep 2018)

The value of user experience design for brands with ecommerce websites (Sep 2018)

Improving the customer experience means getting search right (Sep 2018)

How to execute UX design work with distributed teams (Sep 2018)

The science of storytelling (Sep 2018)

Integrated print/digital campaigns could be what the doctor ordered for pharma marketers (Sep 2018)

Here’s why you should crowdsource your programmatic creatives (Sep 2018)

Breaking new creative ground: 3 branding lessons from Åkestam Holst (Sep 2018)

How Condé Nast creates premium video content, packed with insights (Sep 2018)

How to think strategically about email personalisation (Aug 2018)

We must improve relations between marketers & creatives, technology is one way (Aug 2018)

Six ingredients of a successful loyalty program (Aug 2018)

Three ways ecommerce marketers create strong customer connections (Aug 2018)

Why brands need to stop trying to be ‘young’ and ‘internet’ (Aug 2018)

The four pillars of a successful Amazon strategy (Aug 2018)

How ecommerce sites can rise above price-driven competition (Aug 2018)

Science of sound: How music makes advertising more memorable (Aug 2018)

How marketers are navigating GDPR compliance creatively (Aug 2018)

Optimizing the customer journey: How marketers are overcoming obstacles (Aug 2018)

How Uniqlo is personalising the shopping experience with Google-powered app (Aug 2018)

Why marketers should consider in-app advertising (Aug 2018)

Calculating digital marketing ROI: Seven questions to ask before you start (Aug 2018)

Don’t Wait for Purchase Intent—Create It – from Facebook (July 2018)

The Delicate Balance Between Data and Creativity (July 2018)

The digital customer experience must be holistic & data-led without compromising privacy (July 2018)

Lessons CPG Brands Can Learn From Startups (July 2018)

Attitudes to predictive marketing changing, but silos & skills still pose challenge (July 2018)

Are your marketing efforts hurting sales? The need for a consistent view of the consumer journey (July 2018)

Why your marketing performance problem is really a measurement challenge (July 2018)

How to Repurpose Your Video Content Across Many Platforms (July 2018)

Three ways brands overcome obstacles to connect with customers (July 2018)

What can we learn from bad marketing copy? (July 2018)

How local languages should influence your search & advertising strategies (July 2018)

12 stats that prove why personalisation is so important (July 2018)

Curiosity Marketing: A Better Way to Win Loyal Customers (July 2018)

How you’re missing most of the business you deserve – funnel leaks (June 2018)

What is invitational marketing? And why do you need it? (June 2018)

The seven principles of intelligent personalisation (June 2018)

Why modern marketing is as much about mindset as technical skills (June 2018)

Digital PR: A guide to choosing & reporting on KPIs (June 2018)

What is ‘torrential engagement’ and how can brands capitalise on it? (June 2018)

Why user-generated content can be a key differentiator for brand marketers (June 2018)

How brands can find and keep customers without third-party data (June 2018)

I’m a customer. Please get to know me. (June 2018)

5 Tips for Refining Your Brand’s Email Marketing Strategy (May 2018)

How to Equip Your Team to Create Incredible Reactive Content (May 2018)

How to position your brand as a knowledge centre through content (May 2018)

Google: How to reach today’s impatient shoppers (May 2018)

What brand marketers and agencies need from each other (May 2018)

Placement & brand safety are important, but are we forgetting ad quality? (May 2018)

Why It’s Time to Update Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy (May 2018)

How Innovating the Post-Purchase Experience Can Keep Consumers Coming Back (May 2018)

Google Analytics: How to filter out spam traffic to get accurate data (May 218)

To Exist in the Voice Era, Brands Need to Stop Appealing to the Abstract (May 2018)

Adobe Execs on the Future of Design and Creating the Best Brand Experience for Consumers (Apr 2018)

A beginners’ guide to measuring & increasing user attention online (Apr 2018)

Why loyalty, not view count, should be your new North Star (Apr 2018)

It’s Time to Stop Waiting for Permission to Create Timely Customer Experiences That Resonate (Apr 2018)

For Maximum Influencer Impact, You Might Need to Think Small (Apr 2018)

Why Your Multichannel Approach Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It) (Apr 2018)

A five-step planning process for content marketers (with eight useful tools) (Apr 2018)

What is customer experience? How can it be measured? And who should own it? (Apr 2018)

4 Ways B-to-B Marketers Should Be Using Mobile Video (Apr 2018)

3 Ways Businesses Can Use Big Data Responsibly (Apr 2018)

Superior Customer Experiences Start With These 3 Things (Apr 2018)

4 Things Agencies Should Know About Creating Successful AR Integrations (Apr 2018)

Make it personal: Using marketing personas and empathy in your marketing (March 2018)

Why your online video strategy should be more than uploading your TV spot (March 2018)

Why your headlines are worth almost all your content marketing efforts (and how to improve them) (March 2018)

Eight things your chatbot should never do (March 2018)

4 Steps for Effectively Managing a PR Crisis (March 2018)

The Solution to Personalized Advertising Content? Tap Into Consumers to Make Things Relevant (March 2018)

3 Things About Machine Learning Every Marketer Needs to Know (March 2018)

Why Empathy Is the Key to a Positive Brand Experience (March 2018)

How Brands Like Audi and Pez Are Winning the AR Game (March 2018)

Brands Face Challenges Relating to Consumers and Avoiding Missteps (March 2018)

How to encourage online reviews (and reasons why you should) (March 2018)

How to Survive a Public Brand Scandal and Recover Customers’ Trust (March 2018)

The six challenges every email marketer must face (Feb 2018)

How to Create an Effective Digital Video Campaign That Actually Converts Customers (Feb 2018)

How Much Privacy People Will Give Up for Personalized Experiences (Feb 2018)

From transaction to companion: Engaging at each level of the consumer journey (Feb 2018)

The thrilling highs and chilling lows of piggyback content (Feb 2018)

How Can Brands Effectively Use Influencers? This Marketing Company Explains Its Strategy (Feb 2018)

Four Ways You’re Doing Personalization Wrong—and How to Get It Right (Feb 2018)

How to stay safe when A/B testing (Feb 2018)

Five ways ecommerce brands can build customer loyalty (Feb 2018)

The Real Big Game for Marketers Is Engaging With Consumers Individually (Feb 2018)

From growth to soft skills, where professional marketers should focus (Feb 2018)

Four digital transformation secrets, revealed (Jan 2018)

Q&A on the Future of Digital Media (Jan 2018)

The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page (Jan 2018)

Taking on the duopoly: What are the mobile advertising alternatives to Facebook and Google? (Jan 2018)

3 Priorities That Will Help Experiential Marketers Step Up Their Game in 2018 (Jan 2018)

A day in the life of… insight director at UM (Dec 2017)

Snapchat’s Lens Studio app opens augmented-reality format to everyone (Dec 2017)

A Wake-Up Call for Creatives Plagued by Data Disdain (Dec 2017)

Here’s How Geofencing Helps Brick-and-Mortar Stores Compete in an Increasingly Digital World (Dec 2017)

Four ways brands build loyalty & engagement (without using points) (Dec 2017)

The Holy Mantras for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy [Infographic] (Dec 2017)

Are you ready for the future of modern marketing? Take our new quiz to find out (Nov 2017)

How to Think Beyond the Sale and Develop Brand Advocates (Nov 2017)

Why online shoppers abandon their baskets and how to stop them (Nov 2017)

The five things marketers must do to prove digital marketing ROI (Nov 2017)

4 Realities Marketers Need to Fully Grasp in Order to Survive (Nov 2017)

The changing consumer landscape: How brands can keep up with sky high customer expectations (Nov 2017)

B2B digital transformation: Key trends & recommendations (Nov 2017)

Working on omnichannel? Here are five things you need to know (Nov 2017)

Four challenges content marketers face every day and how they overcome them (Nov 2017)

Facebook: Here’s How to Upload Photos, Videos in HD on Mobile (Oct 2017)

Four examples of automotive brands that are innovating the customer experience (Oct 2017)

The four habits of successful data-driven marketers (Oct 2017)

The single best way to improve your online advertising (Oct 2017) Editor’s Choice

Why digital out-of-home advertising is not really digital (yet) (Oct 2017)

Four ways travel brands can improve the customer experience (Oct 2017)

The changing face of consumer trust and the implications for marketers (Oct 2017)

The myth of storytelling in marketing and why brands should encourage ‘story sharing’ (Oct 2017)

For effective video ads, look beyond demographics to behavior and context (Oct 2017)

Four things to know about agile marketing before you try it (Oct 2017)

Eight effective examples of quizzes in content marketing (Oct 2017)

Trying to Integrate Data Science and Creative Design? 4 Things CMOs Should Consider (Sept 2017)

Local matters even more for global brands (Sept 2017)

Digital transformation: It’s not a destination (Sept 2017)

Three key takeaways from the International Content report (Sept 2017)

The 6 Ways Digital Marketers Can Help Customers (Sept 2017)

The 6 A/B Testing Mistakes That Stifle Conversions (Sept 2017)

Four ways travel brands can improve the customer experience (Sept 2017)

Why marketers are failing to track 87% of their content shares (Sept 2017)

Here Are 20 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts From Digital Marketing Pros (Sept 2017)

4 Effective Ways to Leverage Online Reviews for Your Business (Sept 2017)

Advertisers Need to Stop Chasing Engagement and Get Back to Focusing on Awareness (Aug 2017)

Analytics approaches every marketer should know #4: Prescriptive analytics (Aug 2017)

Analytics approaches every marketer should know #3: Predictive analytics (Aug 2017)

Analytics approaches every marketer should know #2: Diagnostic analytics (Aug 2017)

Analytics approaches every marketer should know #1: Descriptive analytics (Aug 2017)

Five innovators of the in-store customer experience (Aug 2017)

10 Royalty-Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know (Aug 2017)

How the internet was born (July 2017) Editor’s Choice: Video

How to use WhatsApp on your computer to message more (July 2017)

13 creative call-to-action examples and reasons why they work (July 2017)

Mar Tech Is the Latest Buzzword for Brands and Agencies, but What Does It Actually Mean? (July 2017) Editor’s Choice!

Programmatic has become problematic: Here’s what marketers can do about it (July 2017)

A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come (July 2017)

Market research has to get real close to the fact with digital tools (June 2017)

Want Better Social Advertising? Break Down the Walls (June 2017)

Creative Campaign Planning on Social (May 2017)

12 do’s and don’ts for attracting digital talent in job postings (May 2017)

5 Steps to Turn Curious Shoppers into Decisive Customers (May 2017)

9 Key Steps in Developing an Effective Content Strategy (May 2017)

5 Things Brands Need to Know About Marketing to Moms [Infographic] (May 2017)

4 Tips to Keep Your Brand Coherent Across Platforms (May 2017)

Want to do content marketing in FMCG? Here’s four things you need to know (April 2017)

How to effectively bring science to marketing (April 2017)

Can pharma companies effectively use influencer marketing? (April 2017)

Five keys to managing your online reputation in Google search (April 2017)

The five key steps towards understanding the customer journey  (April 2017)

4 Key Teachable Moments for Marketers Who Create Mobile Content (April 2017)

Should marketers be able to prove the ROI of influencers? (April 2017)


The 10 principles for creating amazing online retail experiences (March 2017)

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Big Data In 2017 (March 2017)

Five Ways To Spice Up Your Direct Mail Marketing In 2017  (March 2017)

Long-term strategies for agency growth [Video] (March 2017)

10 Essential Email Marketing Insights for Banks (March 2017)

Three ways brands can breach the attention barrier in 2017 (March 2017)

How Experiential Marketing Works: 7 Enlightening Tips (March 2017)

Telecommunications Industry Outlook 2017 (March 2017)

How health apps are promising to reshape healthcare (March 2017)

10 Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Seeing How Our Content Is Shared (Feb 2017)

Three ways brands can breach the attention barrier in 2017 (Feb 2017)Editor’s Choice!

Best Practices for Measuring Your Social Influencer Program (Feb 2017)

Three full-stack marketing trends for 2017 (Feb 2017)

Content planning doesn’t need hundreds of different tools (Feb 2017)

3 Steps Brands Can Take to Have Personalized Conversations With Consumers in the Age of Automation (Feb 2017)

Content planning doesn’t need hundreds of differ

Marketers, go back to your roots with user stories (Feb 2017)

Your 2017 marketing plan should be defined by change and transformation (Feb 2017)

3 Ways Marketers Can Meet Today’s New Standards for Engaging Consumers (Jan 2017)

The 14 top rated digital marketing techniques for 2017  (Jan 2017)

Planning Your Content Calendar for 2017 (Jan 2017)

Why B2B Advertisers Need Facebook (Jan 2017)

Facebook Messenger: Here’s how to use those new Snapchat-like lenses (Jan 2017)

How can companies attract and retain talent in the digital age? (Nov 2016)

Four key content marketing principles (Nov 2016)

Three ways marketers can deal with the abundance of content (Nov 2016)

Three creative ways publishers and advertisers are combating ad blockers (Nov 2016)

Seven guiding principles for implementing social customer service (Nov 2016)

Defining a new approach to measurement: Four top findings from new research (Nov 2016)

Seven ways to supercharge your data-driven marketing (Oct 2016)

Website Features Checklist: Must Have Elements (Oct 2016)

The five fundamentals of data-driven marketing (Oct 2016)

How retailers are increasing sales with personalised, cross-device ad targeting (Oct 2016)

Digital analytics demystified, Part One: Puzzle vs. Mystery (Oct 2016)

What does disruption really mean? (Oct 2016)

Three things marketers must do to deliver a brilliant omnichannel experience (Oct 2016)

Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be More Than Social Media (Sept 2016)

How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video (Sept 2016)

The quiet movement: Why OOH has the potential to be just as revolutionary as VR (Sept 2016)

The Best Tools for Consumer Insights: Lessons From Google BrandLab (Sept 2016)

From Insight to Action: How Data-Driven Marketing Is Supporting Big Decisions (Sept 2016)

How Brands Should Use Celebrities For Endorsements (Aug 2016)

Consumer: Generation Z & Brands (Aug 2016)

How marketers can use new tech to deliver meaningful brand experiences (Jul 2016)

Winning Content Strategy: Always share something valuable and useful (Jun 2016)

Content Marketing Strategy: What kind of content should you create? (Jun 2016)

Audience attention is a real challenge with multi screen, multi device marketing (Jun 2016)

Why It’s Time for Marketers to Rethink Metrics and Performance Indicators (May 2016)

10 Essentials for Digital Marketing in today’s connected world (May 2016)

Understand and use the Power of Multiscreen Marketing Strategy  (May 2016)

8 Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog + 20 Inspiring Examples (May 2016)

3 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Strong Online Reputation (Apr 2016)

PPC: a beginners’ guide to KPIs, budgets & agencies (March 2016)

4 ways to fight online distraction with compelling video ads and content (March 2016)

5 Digital-Marketing Tactics to Ditch in 2016 (March 2016)

10 ways to get your Subject Line work harder in email marketing (March 2016)

Nine incredibly helpful influencer marketing tools (March 2016)

In programmatic advertising, what are CMPs and DCOs? (March 2016)

Why chasing after 100% viewability makes no sense for advertisers (March 2016)

The three best ways to win at omnichannel in 2016 (Jan 2016)

Do brands need different types of ads to reach different age groups? (Jan 2016)

Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics (Jan 2016)

So what exactly does Customer Experience (CX) mean? (Jan 2016)

Why personalisation is the key to gaining customer loyalty (Nov 2015)

Which three channels are the biggest priorities for marketers? (Oct 2015)

Traditional vs. digital advertising: what’s changed and what hasn’t? (Sept 2015)

How retail is taking the charge when it comes to digital (Sept 2015)

Cross-selling online: why it’s important & how to do it (Sept 2015)

Millennials and mobile: what marketers need to know (Aug 2015)

10 steps to better content distribution (Aug 2015)

Six simple ways to fit storytelling into your content (Aug 2015)

10 brilliant examples of calls to action (Aug 2015)

How social media can help with recruitment (Aug 2015)

What are the biggest challenges for digital marketers in 2015? (July 2015)

How Auto Marketers Can Take Advantage of Relevant Moments (July 2015)

The Big Problem with your content strategy (July 2015)

A Cheat Sheet for Marketers on the Future of Digital Platforms (May 2015)

14 ways to dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign (April 2015)

Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Video (April 2015)

The 4 Essentials of Video Content Marketing Success (March 2015)

Omni-Channel Shoppers: An Emerging Retail Reality (March 2015)

Why People Unfollow Brands on Social Media (March 2015)

Regional Insights: Why Marketers Should Care About “Where”(March 2015)

12 handy tips for writing better web copy (March 2015)

Why email is vital for multichannel marketing (March 2015)

Apple: the mobile customer journey from search to checkout (Feb 2015)

What’s your unfair content advantage? (Jan 2015)

]High-Speed Ad Traders Profit by Arbitraging Your Eyeballs (Matt Seiler, IPG Mediabrands) (Nov 2014)

When marketing automation goes wrong (Oct 2014)

Mercedes Generated 54% More Traffic by Running Ads on 2 Major Social Sites (Oct 2014)

 Reimagine Retail for the Connected Shopper (Oct 2014)

What is storytelling for brands and why do you need it? (Sept 2014)

Arab Youth and Happiness (Sept 2014) (Nielsen)

Generations A: Differences and similarities across the Arab generations (Sept 2014)

A look inside Amtrak’s excellent content marketing strategy (Aug 2014)

Ecommerce main category page layout: Where to place key elements and why (Aug 2014)

Thinking Laterally (Sally Weavers, UK managing director, Initiative) (July 2014)

What do customers need from after sales emails? (July 2014)

Repaving the customer journey: preparing for the future of multichannel (July 2014)

What does ‘big data’ actually mean?  (July 2014)

How is the agency model changing? Part two (June 2014)

Programmatic mobile: what trends does it reveal? (June 2014)

Linking digital audience data to drive conversions (June 2014)

15 quick tips for a succesful YouTube strategy (May 2014)

The 24 ingredients for a delicious content strategy (May 2014)

How does Google influence the retail customer journey? (May 2014)

Why the ‘personal cloud’ will be as disruptive as the personal computer (April 2014)

Crocs shows in-store technology and assisted selling works (April 2014)

What is disruption (April 2014)

What is Real Time Bidding (April 2014)

What is Programmatic Buying (April 2014)

Email remains the best digital channel for ROI (April 2014)

Creativity starts with technology – Matt Seiler, CEO IPG Mediabrands (April 2014)

Navigating Digital Platforms (Feb 2014) (IPG Editor’s Choice)

IPG MediaLab on Facebook Paper (Feb 2014)

Six examples of effective PPC and SEO campaigns : Case Stdies (Jan 2014)

10 characteristics of a digitally friendly company (Jan 2014)

Email frequency: how much is too much? (Jan 2014)

Multi Screen Marketing: Detailed Trend Report from IPG Mediabrands (Jan 2014)

Native advertising for publishers: five key considerations (Jan 2013)

The Content Cycle: how to improve your campaign strategy (Jan 2013)

Why it’s vital to add video to your marketing mix (Dec 2013)

How to Optimize Your Marketing in Real Time (Dec 2013)

20 automated emails your customers won’t delete (Dec 2013)

152 killer keywords for email subject lines (and 137 crappy ones) (Dec 2013)

10 Ways To Become Better At Your Job Today (Nov 2013) from Mediabrands

Seven lessons Obama’s digital team learned from A/B testing emails (Oct 2013)

Content‘s 10 Commandments (Oct 2013)Editor’s Choice

Advantages of DSPs in RTB (Oct 2013)

Living with Google: a new guide to SEO (Sept 2013)

Killing Big Strategy (Sept 2013)

Tips for Successful Blogging (Sept 2013)

Branded Video Content: Give the people what they want (Aug 2013)

Are companies merging the digital and physical customer experience? (June 2013)

TV set viewing remains dominant, but tablet viewing is growing in UK (Aug 2013)

Social TV: Effects of Social Media and TV viewing (from IPG, June 2013)

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Digital Advertising (June 2013)

True Colors: What your colors say about your brand (July 2013)

Planes, trains and automobiles: how tech is changing travel (June 2013)

The State of Digital Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa 2012
(preview and sample report from eConsultancy. Full report costs $400)

Create Buzz: The Promise & Practice of Digital Marketing (Booz) (IPG Editor’s Pick)

Making marketing decisions based on consumer needs (June 2013)

How to manage Client Feedback (Fast Company April 2013)

What Big Data means for Brands and Agencies (May 2013)Editor’s Choice

Interesting Digital Marketing Stats and Facts This Week (May 2013)

Content Marketing: How to build an Audience… (April 2013, with free e-book download)

Content Marketing 101 (April 2013)

Tips to enhance B2B digital strategies (May 2013)

5 Ways to Get More From Any Content Marketing Campaign (Feb 2013)

Digital Marketing and SMEs in the Middle East (April 2013)

How Brands can use Games to Unlock Insight (April 2013)

Teens use internet to “look things up” (IPG Editor’s Pick)

The Death of Advertising as we know it (Campaign March 21, 2013)

7 Key Job Skills to Look for when Hiring

World Internet Stats and Report (Jan 2013)

Digital Ad Spend in the UAE and KSA (March 2013)

Future of Digital Marketing in MENA (March 2013)

Connected Youth Drive Digital Behavior in MENA Jan 2013 (Interpublic Editor’s Pick)

2013 eMail marketing trends (Interpublic Viewpoint PDF)

Why Fast Follower Brands are Successful (Interpublic Viewpoint PDF)

Time Spent with Media: Consumer Behavior in the Age of Multitasking

Internet Users in Middle East & North Africa most likely to use Social

Digital trends in Healthcare marketing (March 2013)

Forget the Year of Mobile:It’s the Year of Video (May 2013)

Devices and online videa will drive healthcare media in 2013

Mobile Apps: Opportunity for Restaurants & Food Brands  (Interpublic Editor’s Pick)

TED 2013: Top 10 Ads Worth Spreading

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