October 10th, Sunday was MCN Health Day! Various health and wellbeing related initiatives had been arranged through out the day and across the MCN Hive building. We had focused both on physical and mental wellness and wellbeing of our employees – because our staff’s 360° wellness is important to them, and to us as a company.

Mental Health Talk and Q&A

MCN Health Day will kick off with a talk on mental health and wellbeing. The live session will take place at the Lila Café from 10:00AM – 11:00AM.

Speaker: Dr Youssry Salah Shafiq – Specialist Neurologist from Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

The topic of discussion will be:

  • Mental wellbeing – importance of sleep, healthy eating and physical exercise.
  • How to manage stress, deal with burnout and anxieties
  • How to identify mental health concerns and what to do about it

Physical Health Check-Ups:

Immediately after the Mental Health session at the Lila Café  – the ‘Museum’ above the Lila Café will host the physical health check-ups for employees.

Timing: 11:00AM – 4:00PM (no appointment needed)

Medical Partners for the Health Fair: Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

Test that will conducted in the ‘Museum’:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • BMI
  • Random Blood sugar
  • Body mass analysis

EYE EXAMS. Magna Summer Conference Room 2nd Floor. 11AM – 4PM

An optometrist will be attending our Health Day session and will be available for on-the-spot eye check-ups. These will happen simultaneously on the 2nd floor in the Magna Summer Conference Room.


GP CONSULTATIONS. TruDoc Virtual Clinic 12th Floor.  11AM – 4PM

You will also have the opportunity to Consult with a GP from 11:00AM – 4:00PM. The doctor will be seated in the TruDoc Virtual Clinic on the 12th Floor.