MCN Dubai had organized a two day Health Fair at the MCN Hive on Wednesday July 10th and Thursday July 11th at the 14th Floor Board Room. Over 250 members of MCN staff – from across all the agency brands – took part in the diagnostics and checkups. People stood patiently in line to await their turn at the multiple check up stations.

Organized and supported by AXA (the health insurance providers), the wellness event offered free checkups and consults in the areas of:

BMI   |  Blood Pressure |  Random Blood Sugar  |  Skin Diagnosis  |  Nutritionist Consultation  |  Body Composition Analysis  |  Sudo Scan (Pre Diabetics). Members of staff who had concerns or questions had an opportunity to discuss their results with a specialist GP as well.

The special two-day event was themed ‘Make Time for your Health at Work’.

Here are some staff comments:

“Having so many tests all in one room was so useful. It was like an annual checkup – but the nice thing was that it was free and available at work.”

“It was a good gesture from MCN and AXA. I would have never known I had elevated blood sugar. And that my BMI was over the standard (I did not know what BMI was). This was a good event.”

“Good idea on several points. Having the whole Health Fair at work – with many tests available was excellent. All the tests were useful and helped in a quick diagnosis. The company caring for staff health is a good initiative. The long lines show that people are health conscious. Best part: it was free.”