A younger Rasha wanted to go to Hollywood. Today, she’s the Managing Director at UM, Cairo.​​​​​​​

What got you into this? How did you land here?

During University, I got more interested in Advertising when I took Mass Communication classes. I started off In Leo Burnett media after graduation (which a year later turned into Starcom).

What was your first job that got you in this field?

My first role was Strategic planner in P&G AOR.

Are there any main milestones that you look back on from when you started working to where you are today? Key moments that made you fall in love with it?

Firstly, my line manager at that time who gave me the opportunity/challenge to launch ZenithOptimedia operations in Egypt just four years into my career. Secondly, the three people I selected when they were fresh grads to work on the one account we had. They are now MDs in other media agencies. Thirdly, winning best media agency of the year. At that time, it was the first time an office in Egypt won that regional award. Winning Employee of the year at Razorfish in Seattle and so many other great moments in my career. One thing that has been a constant learning is that hard work really pays off no matter what.

Were there any specific campaigns earlier or here at MCN that you were really proud of?

When we won the DMT assignment for T-Mobile and the amazing results that came out when we concluded the assignment five years later. Mind-blowing to me at that time.