The Middle East Communications Network (MCN) has identified “agency-agnostic” collaboration as its primary focus for the future. MCN Group CEO Ghassan Harfouche announced the news at a leadership meeting involving 150 leaders from all disciplines and markets across the company’s regional network.

This year’s theme of collaboration explored the growing client demand within the region for full spectrum marcomm solutions that bring together the right combination of skills and specialisms, regardless of agency and disciplinary boundaries.

Harfouche said: “Our client’s needs have changed.  Now more than ever, agency networks must have a laser-sharp focus on providing integrated solutions that address clients’ business challenges. All too often, agency networks are too focused on their own operational set-up. At MCN, we believe that by harnessing the right combination of expertise and talent to deliver the right solutions to clients, irrespective of agency, channel or P&L, we will not only deliver greater efficiencies and ROI to them, we will also continue to deliver work that will propel this region forward.”

HT: Communicate magazine post, May 11, 2017

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