Dubai, September 2, 2014. Ghassan Harfouche, Group CEO at MCN was recently appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of the AUD – Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication which  was established at the American University of Dubai in 2008 as per the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The focal point of the School’s mission is to educate media professionals with an outstanding command of the Arabic language, serving to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps undermining the Arab media sector.

AUD collaborates with an advisory council consisting of media specialists from the Middle East and the United States in developing the School’s curriculum. The School offers a Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies (B.C.I.S.) in Digital Production and Storytelling (DPST) and in Journalism (JOUR).

On his appointment to the Advisory Board of MBRSC, Harfouche said “I am delighted and honored to be part of this initiative towards developing and nurturing the best talent for the future of communications in our region. Media is experiencing a renaissance in the Middle East, and the purpose of this unique program at AUD-MBRSC is to be able to create a well educated, capable, and enthusiastic pool of future talent for our industry. As a group, at MCN, we believe that these educational initiatives are essential for the sustenance and growth of our industry. Not only do we as agencies stand to benefit, but our clients, our community, the Arab world gains from having the best people being readied for the future.”


Al Bayan 2014