What are the GEMAS awards?

The GEMAS awards are the Middle East and North African representative of the worldwide Effies program that rewards excellence achieved in the marketing industry.

What do they judge?

The GEMAS Effies judge the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns in their respective markets. So, this means that they just don’t judge the quality of creative work, but whether the marketing ideas ‘click’, bring home the results, and meet organizational objectives.

Why are they important?

The GEMAS Effies are the pinnacle award to nearly all vested interests in an advertising agency including the client. The Effies represent the culmination of hard work, precise planning and spot on decision making needed for a successful marketing campaign.

Who won this year?

FP7/CAI stormed the awards this year with two swashbuckling wins. Molto’s ‘News Bigger Than Any Other’ won gold and McDonalds ‘Loose Change Menu’ won silver to ensure that our attendees to the event (Sahar El Zoghby, Lina Fateen and Amr El Kalaawy) returned to the stage multiple times over the course of the evening.

Congratulations to Edita and McDonalds on their awards, as well as anyone who worked on either of the projects or the award entries.

FP7 Shortlisted Entries:

Voter Education Campaign – International Foundation for Electoral Systems – CSR

Mimix  ‘Hallucinatory Candy’ – Edita – New Product Category

Coca-Cola ‘Super Heroes’ – Coca-Cola – Food and Beverages (FMCG)

Nestle – 100 Years in Egypt – Nestle – Food & Beverages (FMCG)