Sharing great news amidst the challenging times.


We’re The Most Awarded Agency Globally at the WARC Media Awards 2020 and The ONLY Awarded Agency from MENAT!


This follows us being The Most Awarded Agency at WARC Global Awards 2020 and the WARC MENA Awards 2020. We have continued to achieve these rankings year-on-year for the past 6 years.


WARC is the world’s leading benchmark for creative effectiveness and strategy along with the Effies, and with them being affiliated with Cannes Lions, this is a worthy achievement from all our teams.


In a time when creative agencies aren’t known to be as good at media planning, data and tech, it’s heartening to see us not just out-win media agencies globally but also, be the only group from this region to win. The fact that we’ve won the most speaks volumes of the work we’re doing marrying creativity with data and connections planning.


Unilever (Clear and OMO)


Beit Al Barakat




Emirates NBD


Dubai Media City



That’s a great list and range of brands.


Here are our winners that WARC wrote to Tarek and I officially congratulating our agency.


Kudos to ALL the teams across disciplines and strategists that made these happen, as it does take a lot of work from everyone make these written and video submissions compelling:

  • Gold – Channel Integration  //  WMA-179 – Donner Sang Compter (DSC) – Blood Unity
  • Gold – Partnerships & Sponsorships  //  WMA-183 – Clear – Abtal El Shawarea’ (The Stars on the Streets)
  • Silver – Partnerships & Sponsorships  //  WMA-178 – Babyshop – The Gift of Mom
  • Silver – Partnerships & Sponsorships  //  WMA-188 – Beit Al Baraka – The Dignity Card
  • Bronze – Channel Integration  //  WMA-177 – Almosafer – As far as we go
  • Bronze – Channel Integration  //  WMA-181 – Jawwy – The Ramadan campaign that didn’t launch in Ramadan
  • Bronze – Channel Integration  //  WMA-191 – Lighthouse Centre for Wellbeing – Unspoken, uae
  • Bronze – Data  //  WMA-195 – OMO – The 100 Stains Challenge
  • Bronze – Data  //  WMA-193 – Emirates NBD – Every Step Counts
  • Bronze – Partnerships & Sponsorships  //  WMA-180 – Mastercard – Astronomical Sales
  • Bronze – Partnerships & Sponsorships  //  WMA-186 – Dubai Media City – The most viewed billboard in the Middle East
  • Bronze – Tech  //  WMA-187 – WHSmith – Pop Up Books

Please do wish and build this up clients (incl letting them know we’re the only agency from MENAT!), please do inform the teams that worked on this (who may not be on this email / that I’m aware of), please do wish our partners, do share on social if you’d like (a jpeg announcing the wins is attached) and please let’s take a moment to enjoy these little wins for work we’ve all done.


Congrats once again!!!