FP7 won a historic Double at the Effies 2013, sweeping Network of the Year and the FP7 Dubai office winning Agency of the Year!

Tarek Miknas, CEO of FP7 MENA was ecstatic at the huge metal tally and the crowning achievements. In an emotional mail to all FP7 staff he wrote, “First of all, I love you. Second of all, I cannot contain how proud I am of FP7’s achievement last night being crowned the Effie Network of the Year with FP7/DXB as Effie Agency of the Year. 

With over 800 entries across 16 categories, Effie judge work based on the scale of the business challenge, the power of the idea, how that idea was brought to life and the ultimately, the results the work achieved. This is an award that requires true partnership, trust and confidence between a client and an agency. It’s real work, produced for real briefs on behalf of real clients. So, beyond adding to our collection of trophies, winning Network and Agency of the Year at the Effie’s means that we are working with the right brands represented by the right clients and of course, by you. It also means that together with those right clients, we’re succeeding in building the value of their brand and growing their business. Nothing can be more powerful in our industry.

I thank everyone in this network for contributing to our transformation. I travel from market to market, and I see how hard we are all working to turn our agency into the one we’ve always wanted. You are all stars and I am seriously proud to be among you everyday. Please do take your new title of The Most Effective Agency very seriously as we intend to hold onto this position beyond 2014!”


Sasan Saeidi, who spearheads the FP7 UAE operation said “Effies is the future of our industry and all our clients are demanding more accountability and responsibility for our communication ideas, every day. Effies, is creativity with purpose. An award that celebrates the creation of ideas that create impact and results. This is what we should all be doing every day. Nothing is more important.

Sasan added “We are delighted to have had some great entries for the 2013 Effies; and the results were amazing. It was truly hard work from lots of lovely and passionate individuals from our office. They worked tirelessly and with heart for months. Ultimately the big prize was amazing. We’re delighted to carry the title of “Agency of the Year”, and we truly wanted to win the title from 12 months back. So a great achievement and yet another trophy we would like to share with all our lovely clients; as this their victory; as much as it is ours. Our goal now is to make sure we maintain our success and win it again next year. Nothing is more important. Upwards and Onwards to 2014 Effies MENA. FP7 DXB- The 2013 Agency of the Year – Effies MENA.”

FP7 DXB – Agency of the year 2013 Effies.
FP7– Network of the year 2013 Effies.

Metal tally :

FP7/DXB; with 40 shortlists (inclusive of Momentum) for UAE & 10 metals.

· Coke Studio Season2 / 1 Bronze
· Coca-Cola Laughter Machine / 2 Silvers
· Coca-Cola Amwaj Farah Ripples of Happiness / 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
· Emirates NBD Rise / 1 Bronze
· Ford Focus / 1 Silver
· Maybelline Arab Idol / 1 Silver
· Sony Xperia Say it like Bond / 1 Bronze
· Sky News Arabia / 1 Silver

FP7/CAI (with 7 shortlists & 3 metals)

· Coca-Cola 355 ml launch / 1 Bronze
· Coca-Cola Crazy for Good / 1 Gold
· Sprite Obey You / 1 Silver