FP7 Cairo has won Mobinil’s  fastest growing segment account  – data. Data today is every mobile operator’s pivot – and winning this piece of business at Egypt’s most prestigious brand is a huge achievement for the FP7/CAI  team.

Tarek Miknas, CEO, FP7/ said ” This represents a transformation to our already powerful brand in Cairo, and Mobinil have at long last found their rightful home. The statement that a win of this scale represents to the business community in Egypt is as significant as the obvious positivity it adds to  our agency.” I a special nod to the Egypt operation Miknas added “And there is no team more deserving than this than our people in Cairo”.

Sahar Zoghby, who heads up the FP7/CAI operation said in a special message to the entire team “Thanks for the high level of commitment, ownership, passoin, winning attitude and energy you have all put behind the Mobinil data win”.  In the midst of some uncertain times in the country, the agency’s win is a sign of determination and energy – one that should come in handy during these times.