Facebook has revealed the number of people using the social network in the Middle East and North Africa for the first time, having launched operations in the region in May last year. About 15 million people access Facebook in the region from a mobile or tablet computer daily

The figures in the region mirror the global trend of people using Facebook, but the advertising-dollars are yet to catch up despite overall growth in digital spending, according to Jonathan Labin, head of Facebook in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.

“Ad spend per capita is still much lower here than in other parts of the world,” says Mr. Labin. “If you compare the time spent on digital compared with the ad spend, there’s a huge gap

[in the region].”

Here are some key facts about Facebook in the region, and how they compare on a global basis.

– Every month, 56 million people are active on Facebook in the Middle East and North Africa.

– On a daily basis, 28 million people in the region log on to Facebook.

– About 33 million people access Facebook in the region from a mobile or tablet computer on a monthly basis, while 15 million are active on a mobile device on a daily basis.

– Globally, there are 1.155 billion monthly active users and 699 million daily users.

– On mobile, there are 469 million daily active users across the world.

– About 41% of global Facebook’s ad revenue in the second quarter came from mobile.

– Facebook says Just Falafel, a U.A.E.-based food franchise expanding outside the region, invested $400,000 on the social network last year and received an estimated $8 million return on its investment in revenues.

– Newsfeed is the most popular form of advertising on Facebook in the region and globally.


By Rory Jones / Wall Street Journal / October 1, 2013 & Bloomberg News