MCN Mediabrands appoints Rasha Rteil as Regional Director, People Development

Rasha Rteil will be taking on the newly created role of “Regional Director, People Development” at MCN MEDIABRANDS. This role will focus on identifying the future career pathways and the set of skills that align […]

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MCN Mediabrands announces Ziad Chalhoub as Regional Executive Director, Investments.

Ziad Chalhoub will be appointed to the role of Regional Executive DirectorInvestments for MCN MediaBrands.

In this role, Ziad will champion the group’s investment strategy in collaboration with key media vendors to craft solutions that brings unique and amplified […]

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MCN Mediabrands announces Mohamad Itani as Regional Executive Director, Digital.

MCN MediaBrands announced today changes to bolster its regional leadership structure in the areas of digital and investment management.

Mohamad Itani will be appointed to the role of Regional Executive DirectorDigital for MCN MediaBrands.

In his role, […]

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