MullenLowe MENA Digital Newsletter February 2019

The February 2019 issue of 8_Bit from MullenLowe MENA features 8 bits of useful digital and social updates – including Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, Landing Pages the convert, and more… Click on […]

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5 Ways to get Paid Social Strategy right for your Brand

Here are 5 ways to get on the right track for a solid paid social media strategy. As brands are being compelled to turn to paid social, with organic really being forced and downgraded by […]

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9 key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 that you need to follow

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Just about a week into this new year, and we can see some clear trends emerging for digital marketing. Yes, 2018 will see quite a few new trends emerging, although some of […]

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An Intro to Blockchain

What Is Blockchain?

One thing for sure the term blockchain keeps on getting more and more popular. Lots of people are using it, like any buzzword, out of context. Are you new to this word? […]

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Internet of Things and Brands

The Internet of Things promises to change the way brands interact with their audiences and the level of engagement IoT provides leads to better machine to machine communication, marketing, connectivity, customer engagement and increased brand […]

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7 ways to create a rock solid Content Marketing strategy

Content, is today’s marketing gold. It is the key that brands are using to connect and resonate with their audiences. Here are seven simple steps to having a rock solid content strategy. The […]

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UM MENA’s Rasha Rteil’s predictions for 2017

Any partly sane mind in the tech industry knows that making predictions about the future of technology, even a year out, is an exercise in vanity. Still, it pays to forecast what the future holds […]

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A phygital world: Our digital and physical experiences are becoming seamless

There’s that joke about non-stop flights. How can you get off, ever, if the flight actually doesn’t stop? When I hear about ‘digital’ I am equally confused. How can you experience anything that’s digital without […]

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Top Trends in Technology for 2017 and how they will drive Marketing

2017 will see advances in tech we’ve seen in 2016 go on overdrive. A lot of these revolve around developments in AI and machine learning. They’re all in some ways connected. To each other. And […]

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How Data will really drive Marketing in 2017

2017 will probably be the year that data will become the core pillar around which most marketing functions will revolve. We’ve seen big data creep in to all aspects of business – from corporate strategy […]

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