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60% of video plays will be on mobile in 2018 (Dec 2017)

Mobile SEO trends, challenges & strategy (Oct 2017)

More than 50% of digital media time now spent within five mobile apps (Sept 2017)

Google: Consumers shun brands with bad mobile experiences (Sept 2017)

Entertainment + Engagement: The Key To Getting An Audience On Mobile (Sept 2017)

What’s next (and now) for mobile attribution (Aug 2017)

The Dominance of Mobile Marketing Is Complete (Aug 2017)

Study: In-app ad spending to hit $201B by 2021 (Aug 2017)

The state of mobile ad blocking: what the internet giants are doing to prevent (or enable) it (July 2017)

Google Is Adding Its Fast-Loading Mobile Pages to Search and Display Ads (June 2017)

Gatwick Airport in London introduces AI navigation using beacons (May 2017)

10 common mistakes companies make with mobile (May 2017)

Here’s what you need to be thinking about Mobile engagement (May 2017)

Simple tips to get your app indexed, ranked & installed (May 2017)

SEO: How Google assesses the ‘authority’ of web pages (May 2017)

Why e-commerce SEO is NOT a one-shot wonder (May 2017)

Five essential mobile moments and how brands can take part in them (April 2017)

10 mobile marketing trends to watch in 2017 (March 2017)

If Anyone Is Going to Buy Directly from a Chatbot, It’s Millennials (March 2017)

How Do People Use Virtual Assistants on Their Smartphones? (March 2017)

A simple checklist to prep for the Google mobile-first index (Jan 2017)

Survey: Mobile devices eclipse PC usage and, in a surprise, drive more conversions (Jan 2017)

7 key components to a winning mobile marketing budget in 2017 (Jan 2017)

Mobile marketing predictions for 2017 from 11 industry veterans (Jan 2017)

Mobile Marketer’s Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising (Dec 2016)

Mobile-Only Users by Country (Dec 2016)

Mobile Marketer’s Classic Guide to Mobile Creative (Dec 2016)

Google gives app marketers more ways to promote their apps with ads (Dec 2016)

Mobile Searches Account For 15 Hours Daily (Oct 2016)

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready? (Oct 2016)

How travel brands are capturing millennial interest on mobile (Oct 2016)

How fashion and travel are leading the way in m-commerce (Oct 2016)

Mobile marketing strategy: Four key charts from our latest research (Jul 2016)

Time Pressure: Behavioral Science Considerations for Mobile Marketing (Jun 2016)

5 Ways to Develop a Consumer Focused Mobile Marketing Strategy (Jun 2016)

How to create a winning mobile App for your Brand (Jun 2016)

Mobile Marketing: Native App or Responsive Website? Which one’s right? (Jun 2016)

3 smart mobile marketing trends to watch (Apr 2016)

Mobile Retail Apps and Sites: Designing a Better Experience for Shoppers (March 2016) (Google)

How to Build Your Mobile-Centric Search Strategy (March 2016) (Google)

5 Ways Consumers Connect to Stores With Mobile Shopping (March 2016) (Google)

Speed Is Key: Optimize Your Mobile Experience (Feb 2016)

14 predictions for mobile marketing trends in 2016 (Dec 2015)

Three tips for improving mobile conversion rates (Nov 2015)

Are marketers overestimating mobile search? (Nov 2015)

Mobile ad-blockers could wipe out billions in ad revenue (Oct 2015)

People now spend more time using apps than watching TV (Sept 2015)

Five tips for reducing mobile app churn (Sept 2015)

Mobile App Marketing Insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps (Aug 2015)

Millennials and mobile: what marketers need to know (Aug 2015)

19 must-have features for mobile product pages (May 2015)

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm: four early test results (May 2015)

How Fortnum & Mason increased mobile conversions by 57% with RWD (May 2015)

More reasons why marketers must move to a mobile-first ad strategy (March 2015)

Mobile will be a driving force in the travel industry for 2015 (March 2015)

Apple: the mobile customer journey from search to checkout (Feb 2015)

Normal rules don’t apply for the ‘reset generation’ (Feb 2015) (by Initiative staff)

How can marketers benefit from mobile search? (Oct 2014)

Here’s What 8 Digital Execs Predict for Mobile in 2015 (Oct 2014)

Facebook just changed mobile advertising. Here’s how… (Oct 2014)

Hamburger menus for mobile navigation: do they work? (Oct 2014)

IPG Media Lab to Lead Strategic Partnership With Placed to Measure the Offline Impact of Mobile Advertising  (Sept 2014)

How demographics and devices are shaping the future of mobile commerce (Sept 2014)

The new mobile display ecosystem: What does the future hold? (Aug 2014)

Programmatic mobile: what trends does it reveal? (June 2014)

TRA reveals mobile usage data for UAE in Q1 2014 (June 2014)

Getting to grips with mobile SEO (June 2014)

Four critical steps to commercial mobile success (June 2014)

UM announces location-based advertising combined with behavioral data (April 2014)

Seven useful tips to help with your mobile copywriting (March 2014)

Mobile the new first screen: Lean Forward and Lean Back (March 2014)

Welcome to the New First Screen: Your Phone (March 2014)

Display retargeting buyer’s guide highlights growth in mobile retargeting (March 2014)

Top 10 mobile trends for brands in 2014 (Feb 2014) (IPG Editor’s Pick)

What’s in, what’s out for mobile in 2014 (Feb 2014) (IPG Editor’s Pick)

Top 10 mobile advertising campaigns of 2013 (Feb 2014)

Worldwide Mobile Phone Users 2013 Report (Feb 2014)

Mobile vs Desktop SEO Differences (Jan 2014)

2014: the mobile SEO timebomb (Jan 2014)

Mobile in 2014: eBay, Net-A-Porter and more give us their predictions (Jan 2013)

How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy (Dec 2013)

Mobile: before we knew it, it was all grown up! (Dec 2013)

12 usability flaws that are spoiling the mobile web (Dec 2013)

10 inspiring uses of mobile in retail (Dec 2013)

Mobile Tracking Drives Consumer Data to Mazda (Dec 2013)

People shopping on mobile devices visit more sites than those on a PC (from Interpublic)

How mobile app data can be used to engage and retain customers (Nov 2013)

Why mobile is eclipsing TV as ‘first screen’ for consumers (Oct 2013)Editor’s Choice

Smartphones and Saudi (Oct 2013)

10 simple tips for improving mobile form UX (Oct 2013)

How can brands take greater advantage of second-screen usage? (Oct 2013)

Three ways for marketers to drive business with mobile CRM (Oct 2013)

Five Steps to Highly Effective Social-Mobile Campaigns (Sept 2013)

One in Five globally now access web via mobile

4 Mobile Apps Marketing Trends for 2013

Getting Mobile right the first time (June 2013)

The smartphone and the customer journey: a Google perspective (July 2013)

More mobile users are shopping on devices (July 2013)

Samsung approaches 50% market share in Europe (June 2013)

UK mobile adspend nearing £1bn (June 2013)

Screen size and security concerns among main barriers to mobile commerce (July 2013)

Companies struggling with mobile optimization (June 2013)

Mistakes on Mobile you shouldn’t be making (June 2013)

3 Tips on Winning the Mobile game from Google (June 2013)Editor’s Choice

Tablets & Smartphones to fuel Middle East digital advertising (Gulf News May 2013)

It’s a Mobile World (April 2013)

Mobile tech heralds changes to the 30 second ad (May 2013)

12 useful tips for optimising mobile landing pages

Mobile Marketing Success Guide (download from Responsys)

Evolution of Mobile Marketing in the Middle East (Aug 2012)

Smartphone market surges in Middle East (Jan 2013)

Strategies for Marketing in the Social Mobile World (Feb 2013)

Case study Report: Chok Chok Chok and Coca Cola Hongkong (Reuters)

Google Glass and Mobile Marketing (Feb 2013)

PPC Mobile: Google announces big changes to Mobile Campaign management (Feb 2013)

List of Mobile Network Operators in Middle East & Africa (Wikipedia)

2012: Triple digit growth in Middle East in smartphone ad impressions (Interpublic Editor’s Pick)

5 Common Augmented Reality Mistakes (Dec 2012)

5 Reasons to be excited about Augmented Reality in 2013

Augmented Reality: Interactive Toyota Avalon Launch (2013)

Mobile Apps: Opportunity for Restaurants & Food Brands

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