Ahmed Marzouk has been promoted to the role of General Manager of Momentum Egypt, effective immediately.

Marzouk joined MCN in 2004, starting within the FP7/CAI Account Management teams, where he grew in position and in portfolio across a span of 10 years. After which he joined the Client side, and became Senior Marketing Manager for Mansour Automotive. Two years later, Marzouk re-joined MCN to co-head Momentum Egypt during its re-launch in 2016, as Head of Business and Operation, with myself.

Throughout his time within MCN, Marzouk has always been known for working in silence. Always on top of his game, always in the best format. Alongside his team, they have been always known to have the best briefs, the best reports, the best crisis management, and a lot of award winning campaigns.

A team player no doubt, the preferred partner to all Creative Directors, Producers, Production Managers and Studio Managers, and we all know how difficult it is to have a business hat impress this demanding bunch!

Calm. Composed. Keeps to himself. Does not react to drama of any kind. The last one to panic, as he believes that all problems have solutions. And that is why he has always kept his ship afloat and in healthy condition all those years.

Commenting on his promotion, Lina Fateen, Managing Director, Momentum Egypt, said “Now its time for Marzouk to take on further responsibilities and extend his added value to Momentum Egypt. By becoming General Manager, he will be responsible for the business and operational growth of the Agency, as well as its systems, procedures, policies upkeep, and overall business management. His added value will extend the Momentum Egypt on ground activation proposition in particular after his renowned success with the Egyptian Touristic Association (ETA) in the WTM, London, in 2018. The journey continues for Marzouk, and there is a lot that can be achieved, and we are sure that Marzouk is the perfect man for the job, because when he gets his mind to something, we know he always gets what he wants.”

In his new capacity, Marzouk will report to Lina Fateen, Managing Director, Momentum Egypt.